Tons of Music Formats There's a format for that

We service over 17 audio formats, so whether you're looking for Hip-Hop, Dance, Top 40, Country, Rock, Christian, EDM, Reggae, Salsa, Dubstep (and more) we've got 'em!   View our formats

Why wait?

With POOL, our digital download service, you don't have to wait for a CD or DVD in the mail. We deliver the newest releases to you daily! View our POOL packages

Censored Music Play it safe! Or not.

Our Radio Formats are edited for the clean play required by most mobile DJs, but if you like it dirty, we're down with that, too. You'll find the unedited versions available on our Club formats.

Purchase Freedom

All POOL plans are billed monthly with no long-term commitment. Choose any individual format or bundle them together and save! Ah, freedom.   View our products to find your perfect match

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