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  1. Will I qualify?
  2. If you're a special-event, club or radio DJ, or an entertainment venue that can provide public play for the artists and labels we represent, we can qualify you on the spot for the newest promotional releases.
  3. I've heard you've gone digital. Can I still get CDs and DVDs?
  4. Sure, but you may prefer the extra content and savings that goes with going digital.
  5. How does POOL (Promo Only OnLine) work?
  6. We alert you by email whenever a new release is available for download and provide you with a free download manager that allows us to deliver content directly to your hard drive. Nothing could be easier or more convenient.
  7. Will POOL integrate with my DJ software?
  8. Absolutely. Our download manager, the POOL Player, gives you the flexibility to sync to iTunes or to point our files to any folder on your desktop or external hard drive and to play our files on any software that supports full CD-quality audio (M4A), 320 MP3, and MPEG4 (video) files.
  9. Are the files mine to keep?
  10. Yes. POOL is a download service, not a streaming service; our files will not vanish even when you're no longer a customer. Please note, if you violate our terms of service we reserve the right to remove the files from access.
  11. How is POOL different than your CD or DVD service?
  12. With hard media service we're limited to the number of songs or music videos we could fit on a CD or DVD; plus, it takes time to manufacture the discs and ship them. With POOL, our options are limitless; you will get more music much quicker -- literally at the same time radio stations receive them.
  13. Can I switch from my Current CD or DVD subscription?
  14. Yes. Call our customer service reps and we can easily switch you to POOL, and usually offer you a digital discount, too.
  15. Do you give discounts to ADJA members?
  16. Yes. We work closely with the ADJA and are proud to offer special pricing to its active members. Just have your membership number ready when you call.
  17. I hear your files are watermarked. What's that all about?
  18. To protect you and the artists we service we encrypt each DRM-free file with a code unique to the subscriber. This allows you to show that you are using legally licensed content and also allows us to actively monitor illegal P2P sites, Craigslist and eBay for those who would profit from piracy; and to report those individuals to the RIAA. We invite you to THINK before you file share.
  19. Will the watermark on the files be compatible with my DJ system?
  20. Our watermarks will in NO way affect performance; nor are our files DRM-protected. We've designed POOL to give you the best of both worlds -- files you can easily back up, watermarked to provide instant verification that you are playing legal content.
  21. What happens if something happens to my hard drive and backup hard drive?
  22. POOL is a Cloud-based system. Your tracks will always be available.
  23. I work with/employ a few DJs. Can my company get one subscription and share your files?
  24. No. The promotional licensing that makes POOL possible prohibits file sharing of any kind. Each DJ will need his or her own subscription. But you may qualify for our multi-op discount. It's easy enough to find out. Just call 407-331-3600 for details and discounts.
  25. What is ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC and do you pay any of their fees for me?
  26. We do not pay fees collected by performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC - and neither will you! If you're a DJ or VJ in bar, nightclub, restaurant, bowling alley or skating rink, performance fees are the sole responsibility of the business owner. Nor do private events such as weddings and birthdays require you to pay any fees; those are private events and are exempted from public play fees.
  27. Are your discs legal?
  28. Absolutely! We obtain the licensing for every song and music video we release directly from the record labels. Additionally, our manufacturing facility and download service are fully IRMA anti-piracy compliant.
  29. I'm an existing subscriber, how do I renew?
  30. I just got my music & video and I haven't heard of any of these songs, what's up with that?
  31. We do the songs BEFORE they're hits. That way, by playing a new song, you help increase sales and promote that song for record companies (that's why they let us do this.) Besides, if someone asks you for a song that you don't have, it's already too late (even if you haven't heard of it.)
  32. What format should I choose?
  33. Odds are you already know what music you need. But don't let that stop you from exploring - and saving - by adding new formats. For a complete rundown of all our many Radio, Latin, and EDM selections - and the savings subscribing to two or more formats brings - give us a call at (407) 331 3600 and speak with our expert DJ consultants.
  34. Do I need to subscribe to ALL the formats to get all the music I need?
  35. If you're a mobile or open-format club DJ or VJ, you'll likely benefit from a blend of all the major formats. We provide just that with our many affordable POOL bundles and packages and can even tailor a blended plan just for you.
  36. Where can I see your Tracklistings?
  37. For an up-to-the-minute look at all our releases click here.
  38. Do you offer older songs and videos?
  39. Promotional music and music video releases are limited, but we can easily accommodate any request for audio releases dating back 12 months. If your software supports MPEG4, you can tap the essential hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s via our Hot Video Classics collection (available as HD video and playable as audio-only files).
  40. I saw some listings of older CD's, can I get any of those?
  41. We have limited pressings; many issues are not available. We allow subscribers to add back issues as part of a subscription, to fill gaps in your music library when you start our service.
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